Industry Leadership

The sucess of FIT is built on wide collaboration, co-operation and mutual trust. The involvement of industry in the FIT initiative from the outset has been key to its sucess. FIT strategy and leadership is informed by senior industry executives. The Board of FIT comprises of major multinational companies and indigenous corporations who are utilising their capacity and expertise to promote employability and upskilling of job seekers at risk of becoming detached from the labour market in Ireland.

Industry stakeholders inform strategy, act as advocators and ambassadors, inform curriculum development and promote FIT graduates. This industry engagement ensures that the FIT initiative is flexible and adaptive to new market conditions as they emerge. Other partners such as ETBs (Formerly VEC) and community organisations also value the engagement with industry which being a partner in the FIT inititave ensures.

Industry has championed the FIT mission and goals and created a network of organisations who now view FIT as an element of their recruitment strategies. Many FIT graduates have recieved job placements or work experience in FIT stakeholder companies. As well as supplying a recruitment stream to industry, FIT fulfills Corporate Social Responsiblity programmes which promote labour market integration and social inclusion. Microsoft SAP IBM AOL
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